Welcome To Vegan Scran Bandit

Welcome to my new blog, here you will find recipes, food journals as a vegan and other vegan musings. I have officially been vegan since July 2015 which to me is a great achievement because I can’t stick to anything, but there’s something about veganism that I have stuck to and I really enjoy the pride and feelings it gives me.

What made you go vegan?

A started a job in march 2015 with a man called Dave, he was a vegan, and the first thing I asked him was “What do you eat?” which one of the most annoying questions vegans get asked, I picked his brain for a good two months.

In between going vegan and asking Dave about his veganism, my father who lives in Florida (I live in the UK) had come to the UK for a medical for a job, and he failed his medical on the basis that he had really high blood pressure. I had been speaking to Dave about high blood pressure and cholesterol and heart related illnesses all surrounding to a meat eating diet. I had family history of heart problems so if I felt that if I wasn’t watching what I was eating, I would develop these too. However I then went to the pub my mum works at and ordered a steak.

I went on YouTube the day after I’d had a steak, I watched 101 reasons to go vegan and saw a baby pig being slaughtered and get its penis being chopped off so its meat didn’t taste “pissy”, all for the taste of bacon and I cried. There’s a lot of memes in the vegan world about “health vegans” and at first that’s what argument I was using to back up my decision, but knowing all the health distortions of a meat eating diet didn’t change me until I saw that baby big squealing bloody murder.

I know I choose the right veganism for me, the one that makes me cry (passionate emotion), I will be vegan for the rest of my life, and I feel my dietary behaviour is having an impact on my mother and boyfriends diet as well as my mum has cut out milk entirely and my boyfriend eats vegan when he’s at my house.

I’d love to know about any other vegan stories, please leave a comment and I will endeavor to upload them to a vegan stories page when I have enough.

Peace out



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