Salt Experiment: Banana TV


What is a Salt Experiment?

A salt experiment is when low sodium eaters up their salt intake drastically and document the effects of it. The most potent one I’ve seen is Banana TV, she did it for 7 days and then went back to 0 salt for 7 days.
I’m just gonna tell you a quick run down of what happened to Cayley as she does the salt experiment, Cayley does lead a charmed life, full of boat rides and meetings so to do this myself, a small town contact centre worker who doesn’t have any means of private transport and works 35 hours a week, its not something I would be able to manage.

However that being said, it had made me want to cut down my salt intake to the most 1000mg which is around a teaspoon of salt. I have been adding Himalayan pink salt to my meals for tastiness which maybe something I will have to curb. I am in the process of totally overhauling my diet to be as natural and whole-foods as possible. Decreasing my Salt since watching this experiment has now become a priority.

Let me just explain what happened in this experiment to Cayley

Day 1: Couldn’t finish her food it was too salty.

Day 2: Woke up Bloated Added 3lbs to her weight

Day 3: Eyes and face became swollen and hoarse voice.

Day 4: Layer of fat settled around Cayley’s Midriff Added extra 3lb to her weight.

Day 5: All above

Day 6: All above, plus constant headache, the taste of salt starts to diminish.
Carley has added a over 10lb to her weight from 6 days of eating 1.5 teaspoon of salt per day.

Day 7: Swollen Ankles, achy ankles and hips, this is really interesting to me as I retain water around my hips and ankles.

Increased blood pressure. 110/60 now 120/78 OMG. That is pre-hypertension, which is an indication of having high blood pressure in the future. I became vegan to stop getting high blood pressure, this is something I’m definitely going to look to cutting.

Watch the Experiment Here:

Definitely an eye-opener, this information, is something I will be incorporating into my diet as to not eat salt will reverse all those signs. And that’s what I want, I want a flat tummy, I want skinny ankles, and I don’t want bags under my eyes.

Leave a comment if the information you’ve learnt today are making you reconsider your dietary habits.

Peace out



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