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I come from a generation where fake tan is king, Holly from Geordie shore used to be so fake tanned her skin colour used to slightly blend in with her red hair and when I was younger I didn’t go out unless I applied lashings of St. Moriz mouse (the cheaper version of St.Tropez), now theres a new fakery on the market to get that tan that makes us look so healthy, Tanning Tablets or Tanning injections.

What most people fail to see with these methods is the actual ingredients of Tanning Injections and Tanning Tablets, so for you guys I did a bit of research. In most tanning injections there is a chemical called Melanotan II, which according to this wikipedia article has never been approved for human consumption or use by ANY government after animal and human clinical trials.

So we have two things here 1) Not approved by ANY goverment, that means every health organisation around the world have declared this chemical dangerous to human health, not even some health liberal countries such as Canada or Mexico. 2) Animal testing, being a vegan I am against animal testing because of the vulgarities of the practice and sheer cruelty, but that being said, even ANIMAL TESTING has declared it unsafe.


There is a way however to get your tan on without needing to compromise your health, tanning tablets such as Perfectil Pro Tan, has carrot extract which has lashings of Vitamin A, which is also known as:


Beta Carotene is derived from orange/red/yellow coloured vegetables because it is the pigment that makes up the colour. Although there are many supplements out there than can give you an extra dose of beta Carotene most health organisations recommend to get this anti-oxidant from food.

It is stated in the WebMD website that “There are many authorities – including the American Heart Association, the AmericanCancer Society, the World Cancer Research Institute in association with the American Institute for Cancer Research, and the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer – that recommend getting beta-carotene and other antioxidants from food instead of supplements, at least until research finds out whether supplements offer the same benefits. Eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily provides 6-8 mg of beta-carotene.”

There is conflicting information regarding the optimum levels of Beta-Carotene, the NHS says “Don’t take more than 7mg of beta-carotene supplements a day, unless advised to by a doctor”  and the American/international website says that there is no RDA of the anti-oxidant because “there hasn’t been enough research” which is very inflicting information.

However the NHS website, Mayoclinic and WebMD all say that there is a risk of too much, and this leads to carotenemia which is a a yellowing/oranging of the skin. Is this a bad thing though? Well lets have a look. It was actually found that people deem people with a carotenoid TAN more healthy aka more attractive than those with not a carotene tan.

See this video for more information. >>>>Link

How awesome is that, so basically, to get your skin looking glowing, clear and healthy, eat more beta-carotene vegetables. Especially these delicious vegetables and fruits:

  1. Sweet Potato Baked 11509µg per 100g
  2. Carrots Cooked 8332µg per 100g
  3. Cooked Spinach 6288µg per 100g
  4. Romaine or Cos Lettuce 5226µg per 100g
  5. Butternut Squash 4570µg per 100g
  6. Cantaloupe 2020µg per 100g
  7. Sweet Red Peppers 1624µg per 100g
  8. Dried Apricots 2163µg per 100g
  9. Cooked Peas 1250µg per 100g
  10. Broccoli 929µg per 100g

List courtesy of healthaliciousness

Happy Eating #GoVegan





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