Vegan Hate

I keep seeing a flurry of hate being directed towards the vegan community, especially over YouTube and viral videos such as “If meat eaters acted like vegans”.  And I really don’t get it. There’s been a few articles lately that have come to my attention and I’ve wanted to write this post for some time, but the first time I set myself to do it, it came out rather angry, and no one wants to be labelled the angry vegan. Lemme just bring you upto date with the ongoings of the Vegan hate circulating the western world at the minute.

16th May 2016 AwakenwithJP posted If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans on YouTube which caused a viral stir of vegan hate.

20th May 2016 Nicole Arbour, the dear-section-of-society rambler on YouTube, put her two-penneth in and released Dear Vegans on her YouTube Channel.

31st May 2016 Guardian headline read: Georgian vegan cafe attacked by ‘sausage-wielding nationalists’, where people purposefully sought out a vegan cafe and chucked meat at those just minding their own business and getting on with life. 


So at first we had online prejudice, then online discrimination and then physical discrimination. WOW, omnivores need to chill the fuck out. I found the attack on the 31st of may similar to a bunch of males going to a lesbian club and rubbing their dicks on lesbian faces. It wasn’t on. I know what I’m gonna get here, “But vegans choose to be vegans, homosexuals don’t choose their orientation” I get that, but those nationalists where as bad as homophobes forcing their way of life on a minority group who wasn’t hurting anyone with their actions.

Forcing their way of life? I can hear a bunch of omnivores in the distant rattling over those very choice of words, echoing it back in a melodic fashion. I realise that what I’ve said is rather ironic as that’s what vegans are accused of doing themselves to the non-vegan strata of society, but listen to me now, both of us, vegans and omnivores alike have the right to stick up for our values, and the human rights act gives us the right to freedom of expression, which mean Nicole -dear people- Arbour and JP-Awaken-boi have the right to say what they want using which ever channels they want to express those views. What I don’t condone was the sausage- wielding nationalists who used these ideas and opinions and prejudice to inflict a discriminatory attack on vegans who where just minding their own business in a cafe that was created for specifically vegans. Like why?


To bridge the gap against vegans and omnivores to close this apparent divide between us, I’m gonna label why we are similar in so many ways, its high time we came together and went to a vegan friendly restaurant for some kick ass food, sans sausage wielding fanatics of course.

  1. We’re both passionate.
    Meat eaters are passionate enough to dredge up the one thing about a person to make the same old tired out joke, and tell a preachy vegan to fuck off, and vegans are passionate enough to do the research, find out what it is that is affecting the world and make some lifestyle change to bring that into effect, and then try and get everyone else to become like that also.
  2. We’re both stubborn.
    Those who have been Vegan/Omnivore for a long time will not change, for a vast opposition of reasons, my fellow vegans and I like to use the logical route, meat eaters use the subjective hedonistic route, such as pleasure and historical culture.
  3. We’re both right.
    To our own strata, the other thinks the other is wrong, and by process of elimination that means we are right, both of us. All the time.

Here’s the kicker, obviously this article is gonna be biased towards vegan, because the author, me, is vegan, so heres why I’m gonna say why vegans are superior.

Most Vegans USED to be either meat eaters or vegetarians, so we have both sides of the coin, the reason we remain to be vegan (most of us that is) is because it genuinely is better for you, if done correctly. As with exercise, if its done correctly, its really beneficial for you. What most vegans can say over meat eaters is “WE HAVE TRIED, AND WE HAVE SUCEEDED” the reason Freelee, Duranrider, VeganGains and all those other YouTube stars are so pushy and aggressive in their message is because they are the empirical evidence that it works and they want everyone else to join in.

Vegans are not afraid to try something, it seems like meat eaters are. I encourage every meat eater to get more fruits and vegetables in their diet, I’ve managed to get my boyfriend to stop drinking cows milk and he’s never been that bothered over cheese anyway, my mum who used to be so temperamental with milk and cheese, at first cut down on cows milk and started drinking lactose free milk, now she drinks purely soy, but still eats cheese, I frequently see her chowing down on a salad instead of a cheese sandwich, so slowly my diet is making an impact on those around me that I love.  Why hate on that.

Like the previous point above, everyone has a right to their opinion, and also the right to express it, what they don’t have is the right to discriminate against someone because of that opinion. Do meat eaters who won’t even try veganism actually have an opinion though, or just blind prejudice?


Happy Eating



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