Broken Leg

My first cast, in white. The angle of my foot wasn’t correct so I had to go back for a new one.

This Has Nothing To Do With My Diet

I know the title is very scary, especially to new vegans as they are gonna be thinking “omg she gets no calcium from her diet, I must start drinking cows milk right this minute” please don’t freak out. I don’t know whether my fracture is due to my diet or simply that my body went a totally different way to how my foot was planted, or that my shoes were new and had loads of grip so they wouldn’t move underneath me.

It Might Have Been My Shoes

All I do know however, is that cows milk STILL leaches calcium from the bones and it maybe due to the 23 years of being a milk drinking cheese guzzling omnivore previous to being vegan, and then being a junk-food vegan for the last maybe three months prior to my fracture, that was my demise.

Which Bone Did I Break

I have broken my Tibia AND Fibula bone, I heard/felt that sucker crunch like a cereal bar. I thought it was going to be more painful than what it was, but I think the shock of the break took some of the pain away from me, and also my mum and boyfriend professing to me it was just a really bad sprain. I knew in my body it was a break and a bad one at that, I had an “I informed you thusly” moment in the doctors office when they showed me the x-ray.


Family Guilt

Upon learning about the severity of the break my mum felt so guilty that she didn’t take me seriously. When I actually did the break, when I was sat at where I did it (nearly passing out i must add) my mum didn’t wanna get into the ambulance with me because she didn’t wanna get out of her pyjamas, saying “oh stop exaggerating natalie its just a sprain, come on i’ll drive us to hospital”, I really needed her in that moment and she thought I was exaggerating, I still can’t fully forgive her for her attitude to me now.

I now believe that her comfort and need to be left alone meant more to her than my need for her to help me, in that moment anyways. I remind her of this all the time because her guilt makes her look after me better, I think we both know that she was hoping for it to be a strain not because of my own health but to make it so she didn’t have to run around after me all the time when she’s not at work.

Independence Robbed

I live with my mum, and on July 12th I’d passed my driving test, I hadn’t yet spent a consecutive 7 nights in my own bed, so my level of independence had shot up through the roof. I could pop down to the shops to get her things, I could take us for coffee, I could in-effect do half of the travelling duties that she had been doing solely for me the whole of her driving life.

High Pain Threshold/Tolerance

I was really upset that she thought I was exaggerating at breaking my leg so “I could get a lift to hospital”. The “I told you thusly” moment gazing upon the x-ray  was even more beautiful when a nurse told me I must have a really high pain threshold to survive on PARACETEMOL for the whole entire time they x-rayed me and put me in a half-cast. Which was 4 hours.

My boyfriend went out for a smoke and saw the ambulance man, when he described what my xray looked like, the paramedic was shocked saying that he’s seen “massive huge blokes screaming  the house down” and there’s little me describing it as a 6 on the painscale, 10 being the worse pain imaginable. That means I can actually imagine pain far worse than I can get it. So, my actions about my leg deemed it to taken as a really bad sprain, but I was exaggerating about it? In other words, I should have been believed when I said I had broke my leg because I was acting like a leg break, and I was taking the pain like a person would take a really bad sprain.

Believe In Others Knowledge Of Their Own Bodies

I needed to get that out there. Its a huge middle finger to my mother really, although I love her dearly, my mother is my best-friend but since passing my driving test she has taken a back seat to my boyfriend because I give him the most amount of my time and attention. I think her attitude to my leg break, as it just happened, probably hurt me more than the fracture itself, the memory of her actions makes me cry. Anyways this blog post has nothing to do with veganism, but it is just here as a reminder that bodies are strong, bones mend, bruises fade, wounds heal, pain is forgotten. But what you say to someone in their time of need, that is remembered.


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