UK’s Hottest Vegan

I was pleased to see that the Express (British right wing tabloid) was running an article on veganism without its usual negativity,  but it felt a bit devoid of vegan reasoning and just screamed of more a shallow forthcoming of vegan attraction; slimness.

What was the express trying to achieve here? Usually vegans take the oath because they have thought out the responses of their peers and are usually well researched, I feel like this article is just going to recruit the troves of superficial’s who are only concerned about the “health benefits” and how being vegan makes you skinny (in the long term).

Love the Clover shoot, personally to amp up the pisstaker that I am, I would have her laid on a bed of rocket, with a steamed potato closer to the camera so it looks huge and next to her.

Theres gonna be a couple of things that happen here, superficial girls are gonna be all over veganism like a bad rash, do it wrong and then blame veganism for their ill-researched diet making them fat. We already have this phenomenon happening all over YouTube with some Youtubers claiming that “freelee made me fat” with no actual proof or discernible methods being recorded (eg meal plans, workout).

The other thing to happen is being Vegan is finally going to become sexy, because at the moment the go-to thought of a vegan is a person who has dreadlocks, smells like vegetables and wears ghastly cheap footwear (on the account that its not real leather).


Maybe this article is gonna propel veganism into the more mainstream of diets. The Atkins diet once was picky and smelt of meat farts which transformed into body building and fashionable gym addictions, maybe the same could happen for veganism. I know there is a couple of things I’d enjoy from veganism becoming more mainstream through the sexual marketing.

I’d enjoy “gourmet grains” like quinoa, barley groats, giant cous cous and wheat germ become cheaper and more readily available, at the moment my source of these are either amazon or holland and barratt, but at a £5 a packet of 500g its hardly my everyday item, I’d love to see this as cheap as rice.

I’d enjoy people accepting everything about veganism as much as they do with vegetarian and pescaterian diets, none of that “what do you eat” conversations.

I’d enjoy more vegan hair care and nail care products on the market, do you know how hard it is to find out if a nail polish or an acrylic or gel system is vegan? Then we wouldn’t have these bullshit vegans who are just plant-based when it comes to diets because they don’t wanna give up their fake nails or expensive designer perfume.

I’d enjoy other vegans getting along with other vegans, at the moment there’s a vegan-off going on all over YouTube that frankly is annoying the behjesus out of me, freelee vs vegan gains vs jonvenus. I don’t give a shit, we are all vegan, isn’t that good enough?

I’d enjoy more people who I can go out and eat with, share food because its all free of any animal products and table picnics. OMG perfect world right?

We would have more image concious people, who are the consumers of most of the animal cosmetics, making a positive change to buy animal friendly cosmetics, voting with their money, which might put an end to animal testing.

Maybe making veganism sexy, is good, or maybe its downright disrespectful and devoid of reason and just full of shallowness, but the article has been published now and I just hope that the wants that I want come into focus rather than the backlash of ill-research.




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