Mental Boredom

Its been exactly one month and 5 days since the day that I broke my leg, and my last hospital appointment was on the 27th so its been two weeks where nothing has happened. I like it when my week is broken up a little, I hope for Tuesdays because that is when my fracture clinic appointments are set up. My boyfriend works the continental 12 hour shift  pattern, 4 on- 4 off, 5 on- 3 off so him coming to mine is a real treat as well because I then get kisses to add to my weekly agenda. Apart from that my week has been extremely boring.

The massive TV that my boyfriend has borrowed me has been a god send also because I can binge watch Netflix, Amazon TV, and ITVPlayer. I swear they are not endorsing me, but if they are reading this, please can send the monies through PayPal, thanks amigos.

Let me give a run down of my boring life

October 5th– Boyfriend came over.

October 6th– Got a delivery from Fabric land, I had been on a YouTube sewing video BENDER for the last couple of days and I was determined to make something. Wanted to sew but couldn’t find my sewing machine.

October 7th– Decided what to make, made the pattern and cut it out of my fabric, found my sewing machine, couldn’t find the control pedal.

October 8th– Boyfriend went home, I hate it when he goes home because I get fed loads when he’s here, I get three big meals a day, its beautiful.
Watched the DUFF and made my boyfriend watch it as well and we texted about it.

October 9th– Literally did fuck all but watched YT videos all day, even made a PowerPoint about how i drafted my pattern for my project. Didn’t wanna speak to anyone.

I had a personal best, I managed to get myself down the stairs and even managed to get myself back up the stairs and onto my bed. I tried to find how to describe the action of how I got my body off the floor and my butt onto the ottoman at the bottom of my bed. I made a pretty picture. Observe.
Look at that beautiful artwork, isn’t it amazing, perfecting my art skills on paint is another of many faceted talents I’ve acquired since being bored to death.push-triceps

October 10th– I made more pretty pictures on paint in regards to my project. I bum shuffled again and even lobbed my crutches down the stairs so I could hop down them. Just to prove that I could do it.

October 11th– Today, I found my control pedal for my sewing machine.I realised today, quite crushingly, that my sewing machine is broke.

However I have managed to sew the arm holes up. See it that be your last clue of what my project is. Anyways I’m off to do nothing and be bored shitless. Tatty Bye.


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