Mental Boredom Squashed

I recommend anyone that ever breaks anything that significantly hinders their mobility or quality of life should take up a hobby, especially one of the creative kind. The light weight creative kind.

I’ve taken up sewing, and since my last post I’ve managed to make two things, a top and a skirt, so already I am am nearly on my way to make a full outfit. I am waiting on measurements from my friend (who lives in Northumbria, I live in Yorkshire) over whatsapp and then I can create her the same off the shoulder top that I created for myself.

I like it when I have stuff to do, I’m itching to get my hands on the material that I’ve set aside for her so she has till the middle of this month to send me her measurments or I’m using the material myself for a bodycon winter dress. I have a ribbed dress in the same style I want to make out of that material so I can just copy the pattern from that.

Apart from sewing I’ve been watching a crap load of Netflix, especially Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I am a fan , if you watch it you will understand my love for Charlie Kelly and his obsession with the waitress. I only found out last night that they are married in real life so that made me really happy.

Look how great they look















I think I’ve invested into these characters way more than they would invest in me if I met the “characters” (not that actual actors) in real life. They are complete dicks so they would probably kick out my crutches from under me, I kinda like that, as long as they fed me they could abuse me as much as they like.

I love the twisted humour from the show, considering starting all the series again from start so I can binge watch it with my boyfriend, he loves me ribbing the piss outta him so I know he would totally love the characters. He’s already watched a few and he likes it. whenever I use the same humour on my mum however she doesn’t like it and gets really offended. Being polite around family is not my idea of fun, you should be able to call your family all the horrible names under the sun and they understand you don’t mean it you just really love each other and you like teasing each other.

I think when I have children I’m gonna keg them at the school gates, by the time my children get to 15 they will be so un-phased by embarrassing things they will be ultra cool. But that’s what I’ve been doing folks.

In my next post I’ll be discussing my sewing so stay tuned for that….



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