Basic Sewing Pattern Wishlist

When you build a house, you do the foundations and then you have your walls to create inside the house, the frame of the house has a set of plans that comes with it. Sorta like blueprints, it has the dimensions of the buildings area. A sloper is the same principle but instead of building a house, its more designed to manipulate the shape of cloth to fit the bodies measurements. A persons body, especially a woman’s has loads of concaves and convexes to create our shapes, like the curve of our bums and boobies, so we have more complicated patterns, I personally believe that this is why we have so many clothing options in terms of design. We have a pair of feeding devices evolutionary developed onto our chest that we can make a feature out of, under those we have a middle section that is nipped in compared to everywhere else on our torso and we also have different sides backsides and hip curves to accommodate all the skirt designs you could possibly dream of.

Therefore when making clothes we need a set of blue prints for our bodies and these are called slopers. These slopers come in their most basic form, they come as basic garment foundations, such as bodice, skirt, trousers, from there you can add design elements to them to create different types of clothing.Thinking about basic garmets, there are loads of deviations based off them. Take a top for example, there are loads of options.

Styles of Top

A great pattern stash is the desire of the most novice of sewer, I have a few patterns I cannot find and to be honest since breaking my leg and watching umpteen YouTube videos I didn’t really understand them. As a result of my YouTube bender I am itching to create a decent pattern stash, because all the stashes I’m seeing throughout the sewing scene is causing some considerable sewing envy.

So here are my picks to create a great foundation pattern stash.

1.New Look 6086 
Basic Top Design, one being a camisole top and all with bust darts , a back seam, sleeve lenght variations, and neckline variations, I could switch up this pattern so much.71jpxxp1etl-_sl1142_2.New Look 6053
This is a very basic skirt pattern, I have already created my own skirt sloper and skirt from my own measurments but I would like a pre-designed one so I could grade between pattern sizes and do some big booty adjustments. I want this pattern so I can make deviations to my body sizing.


3. Ultimate trouser sewing pattern.
This pattern is by a YouTuber called Lisa Comfort, who has a channel dedicated to all things sewing, she has a fabric shop out in north London and an online shop. It really houses a lot of beautiful fabrics, she then showcases these fabric together with the patterns she designed on her YouTube Channel. The Ultimate Trouser pattern has its own pinterest board where people have flaunted their efforts and the materials used, and this pattern looks so versatile. I really wanna make this a couple of times and play around with the fabric, the zip placement and the flare of the leg.

These look amazing!

4.The Ultimate Shift Dress
You can make a top outta this as well so it sorta serves as two patterns, which is total value for money, I’m crushing on sew over it right now, really can’t wait to invest in Lisa Comforts Patterns.


Obviously this is a wishlist for now and won’t really come into play till after christmas because I have a new sewing machine coming thanks to my mother and stepdad. I know about my gift because its in the kitchen not wrapped waiting for Christmas day. I think my mum has gotten me this because when I am busy sewing I don’t drive her so mad, breaking your main leg can be mentally challenging as well as physically and sometimes I do take my frustrations out on my family, which isn’t really fair on them. I am so grateful for this sewing machine to be coming my way.


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