Broken Tibia Update

There will be videos on this website soon regarding the recovery of my leg. Although the bone is not healing I can walk with a crutch and an air cast boot. The main focus of my leg is my tibia even though I have also broken my fibular its the tibia that is the main problem and has the most difficulties in healing.

My air cast boot (in love with it)

I requested an aircast boot because where my break is there is very little blood flow to the area which is one of the many reasons why its not healing. I was also the one that asked for a slipper cast so I could part weight bare on my foot and teach myself how to walk. I think the reason I’ve not been healing is because my bones have been stagnate inside a cast for some time and they need to have pressure applied to them to get blood flow and create bone. I’ve gone from having a slipper cast to now being in a aircast boot and walking with one crutch in six weeks. Six weeks is a long time, far longer than it should have taken me but when you have doctors that keep wanting to keep you in casts and make you rest you almost become scared to apply weight to your leg.

I had a hospital appointment today and the doctor felt my leg, he squeezed it, I expected to feel pain and gasped when he went to my leg but was surprised when I didn’t feel any pain. From this the doctor has given me clearance to go full weight baring and is also going to give me a bone stimulation device called EXogen which is a massage tool that will send short vibrational pulses to where my bone needs to heal. I cannot wait for this to happen and have given myself the goal to be crutch free by Christmas.

Exogen has been used by rugby professionals, for broken ankles like myself. I can’t wait for it to become apart of my daily routine. My ankle is starting to feel stronger just by being on it a bit more.

Privy to that short excerpt of writing above, I went full out with the walking in my boyfriends home town and made my leg go numb to the touch. So I really over did it. The doctor now wants me to do what I  deem very little. Which is very disconcerting because I have a new job  and they told me that they dont want me walking to bus stops to travel. So I’m now gonna have to NOT go back to work. 
Should start on the 5th december its now the 3rd and I cannot tell them before hand that I cannot start. My life is very stagnate at the moment. 


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