How Broken Bones Affect Relationships 

Me and my mum went to the hospital on the 29th November to discuss with the doctor about my Nonunion. He said that I will be getting a bone stimulation device called EXogen and its cost the NHS 2500, something which I am extremely grateful for.

We also talked about food, on many occasion I have said to the doctors that I’m really hungry. I cant explain it, I just wanna eat all the time. I wait it out to see if its psychological hunger or physical hunger, its mostly always physical hunger. If i dont squash it, I start to feel sick. 

We have enough food at home (where i live with my mum) but because I’m plant based and she isn’t, the fridge in the kitchen -we have one in utility room too- hardly has any food for me. It’s jam packed full of sandwhich meats, eggs, milk and other animal based products so I can’t really eat anything from that fridge. The other fridge based in the utility room is situated behind an assault course. Two levels of steps and usually a wet floor. So… the day we got back after doctors gave me aircast on 22nd of November I finally gave in and ate meat after a year and a half of veganism, because frankly I was starving and couldn’t see how I can possibly get fed if I didnt eat meat.

My mum the figurehead of the family. above her is Alex her partner and she runs after him like a blue horse fly. Previously to me breaking my leg, my mum sorted her and Alex out and I saw to myself, but now because I can hardly move she has to sort me out as well. 

I did a lot of the tidying in the house and when I am home and asking her for things she can’t get around to the housework. She also has fibromialgia so my break hasn’t helped her. However Alex her partner is a grown bloke and even though he has arthritis in his knees he can walk, something which I am jealous of. He could do for himself what he makes mum do, which when she does for him she then has no energy to do for me. I need it doing. He doesn’t. 

The thing about my mother however is she has no routine. Which is something you sorta need when you have an illness like fibromialgia and you have an energy overdraft. She could be gone for 8 hours at a time. In that time Alex could be in the house, he could have gone downstairs and made himself breakfast, if I dont make him aware of my presence he will not make me some food or ask me if I want something. The stairs are a big task for me. So I am really struggling at home and nutrition does play a part in broken bones. So does vitamin D, something my mum is deficient in and also my nanan. I hardly get out, when my mum has a day off from work she wants to go to Alex’s mums or do something with alex so if she doesnt wanna do anything with him she’s tired, so to even ask her to take me to a park and get a wheelchair is something which would wipe her out and she sometimes makes me feel guilty for it. 

So I’m not having a great time right now just living at home with mum. She doesn’t wanna do anything for me. So I’ve taken to staying at my boyfriends who is more active and very supportive. All the things that were suggested by the doctor to help in food has already been suggested by me. 

1) Pre cooking, cooking loads of food in a quick sucsession and freezing it ready for it to be reheated when I can get downstairs to get it. I’ve already suggested this too her, but when she gets home from work she just wants to vegitate on the couch. 

2) Having mostly vegetables and fruit in the kitchen and all the  meat things In  the utility room waiting for able bodied members to get it. 

3) Overnight breakfast oats, make breakfast the night before so I can just get it as soon as I wake up.

4) Putting a chair in the kitchen for me to prepare my own food. I’ve already asked for this a thousand times, its been done and then the chair has been put back so mum can get to the counter and then I cant get the chair back out again. 

If you have any suggestions on how to make food preparation easier and plan so I get my 2000 calories a day and its easier on my mums routine and energy it would be much appreciated. Leave a comment.


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