Exogen- User experience

This is very minimal experience because I’ve only used my exogen device 4 times. One of those times was in the hospital by the exogen representative themselves. The exogen rep was so knowledgeable, and the technology is breath-taking. Its run by a data chip that is inserted into the machine (and should be never tampered with) and this lets the machine know the pulse and vibrational ultrasound frequencies that are sent through the transducer. I call it a transjuicer because it just sounds so much more funnier. And we need to laugh about unfortunate things because it makes us feel better.

I digress. You place the strap around the limb that needs the Pulsing, position it on the exact spot, (this should be marked with a wipeable pen, doctors prefer permanent marker) put the gelled-up transjuicer through the plug and let it zap your bones to good health.  

After 4 treatments the area already feels compact. Its such a strange feeling. When your bones are loose in your body, not attached to another bone, that section of the limb can feel loose, like its further away that the rest of your limbs. In reality, it is, its further away by how big the distance of your fracture gap. Mines pretty big. Big and spiraly. 

So I use this word to describe the feeling that Exogen gives me. It makes the leg feel tight, compact, almost how I can imagine wood to feel when its joined together with a mortise and tenon joint.

I’m loosing you arent I? Anyways it just feels good and like my old leg. After the first session my pulse started going crazy, it was like something was awakened, it was a strong deep pulse like it wompfed. Like a drum and bassline track. After that it just felt stronger. It might be a placebo effect but i can tell the difference because the bone feels stiffer when i press down on the area of the break. 

Also before when I one crutched it to places it hurt slightly, now I feel nothing. I can feel an odd tingle in my plantar fascias and as soon as that goes I am set.

I have a wheelchair coming soon for me to start work on monday so I can get to work and back on the buses. I will be doing my treatment at work also at the same time everyday 12pm.

My next hospital appointment is in january 31st. I’d like to be driving again before valentines day. So I can take my gorgeous supportive boyfriend for a meal because god he deserves it. 


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