Working while Broken

I started a new job on the 12th, a job that I’ve been wanting to get into for a while. Its a social media role for a large company in the UK and although I really enjoy the job, getting to work is a problem. 

At the moment my boyfriend’s family have been absolutely amazing. Lets call my boyfriend J*. J’S mum has been amazing. Shes taken me to work and then picked me up from work everyday since I started. I have had today (15/12) off in exchange for working this saturday. I have physiotherapy today at 5pm that I will probably do a post about later but I’m just here to highlight what working has meant for me and my family.

So in an earlier post I discussed how me and my mum have fallen out because I disclosed to the doctors about the food situation in our house. From that me and my mum haven’t spoken at all. I’ve attempted to build bridges and I really need her to help me for a couple of weeks after christmas to get to work. I really wanna work. Its sole destroying being stuck in the house all day with a very limited number of things to do. This job has helped me and my boyfriends relationship because he has missed me and I’m not always around, its great for my mental state because I have something to focus on. It’ll be great financially as well because I will get paid. 

The problem is travelling to work. There and back. My boyfriend lives closer to it than me, and as mentioned previously his mum has been taking me. Which is perfect because shes lovely and willing to do anything for me. She would do anything for anybody especially her children. I consider her a super mum. However theres times where i dont think shes super shes just a regular mum and she does for her kids whats expected. When I was able to walk I was really independent in the two months in the run up to breaking my leg. I had passed my driving test and I would come collect my boyfriend and then take him back to mine. A 36mile round trip.

I have therefore needed to ask my mum if she will take me to work tomorrow  (friday 16th) and her responce was “On 22nd of November I decided I’m doing no more for you Natalie since I’m all bastards under sun and I’m starving you”. I never said she was starving me once to doctors, i said I was hungry all the time. See the other post for more information about the hospital fiasco. 

I really just wanna go to work and get back on track for a good routine. But she wont help me. My own mother won’t help me. This makes me mad and most of all sad. 


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