So physiotherapy on the 15th (15/12/2016) was brilliant. My foot has not been the same since. In the most brilliant sense. I have most of my forward movement and all of the range when pointing my toes back towards myself. Pointing my feet inward is still a bit taxing and I’m almost there when it comes to pointing my toes outward but it is so much better than it was. 

Theres a couple if things I’ve been doing to aid the process along a bit. To loosen up the area around my talus.

Taking a bath with Epsom salts has helped and pushing my leg down against the up thrust of the water helps me strengthen my leg muscles, I would like to go swimming very soon not only to exercise my whole body but to allow my weak leg to do most of the work so I can get it up to the same standard as my stronger (left) leg.
When I take a bath my right leg becomes incredibly red and I can feel my pulse billowing from my skin, it’s a nice sensation as it wakes up my leg from its usual numb feeling and starts to tingle as the water dissolves into my skin. Previously when I have stood on both foot and tried to evenly distribute the weight my right (bad) leg feels void. I can feel the texture and temperature from the floor below and I can feel my knee, however my shin or site where my fracture is at its weakest is non-existent in sensation. It’s almost like it isn’t there.

After I get out of the bath and lay down I instantly start to do my ROM exercises. The rest of my skin on my right leg calms down from its crimson shade and resumes my yellow undertone and pale complexion apart from the crease where my leg meets my foot and on my foot, mostly about an inch below my big toe my skin gets even redder. The heat that my foot exudes is so warm it almost gets too comfortable to bear, and I start to rock back and forth with my foot to loosen the tendons in my ankle.

At the moment my Achilles heel is still pretty fat, weak and swollen, it has deflated since starting ROM (range of movement) but still has a lot more to go in terms of evenness compared to my left (good) leg. I would like to give myself another year until I can do everything I once did. Run, Jump, skip off steps again. From then I will be taking great care in my legs and my back. 

I mention my back because when I try to feed weight evenly through both legs I feel like I’m leaning on to my bad leg and this must mean my back is out of allignment. I will probably have to suggest this to my doctor and maybe they can refer me to a chiropractor who can adjust me correctly and give me the correct insoles to wear. My arch seems to have dropped on my bad foot too making me more flat footed. This will be something we will not know until I can bear weight fully throughout my right leg. By that time my arch will have probably have come back. 

As you can see my left foot is curved throughout the base of my mid-sole and on my right foot it is more straight. 


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