Plans for the New Year

Everything seems to be falling into place now regarding having a job and being able to walk again (with boot sans crutches) and my boyfriend is going back to his prefered field of work -joinery- in the new year so both us have the most money we’ve had being with each other. 

My new job is the best paid job I’ve ever had, soon to get better after the probationary three months have passed, and he will go from a couple of quid over minumum wage to double minimum wage when he starts back at his trade. Me and my boyfriend have a very relaxed view of each others money. He can literally have all my money if he needed it -I know he wouldn’t be frivolous with it if I gave it him- and I believe my boyfriend feels the same way about me and his money. I don’t see my wage as purely mine, I am starting to see it as our pot and probably soon enough -after future moving prospects are explored- we will embark on a joint bank account so we can share money and pay for our life together with that pot. Obviously I will be keeping some wage to myself as should he but a sizeable chunk will go into our POT for both present and future situations. This pot will help us in 2017 cut the cord from our parents, learn new skills, buy better transport and live comfortably. 

In 2017 we hope for 

  1. ◇ The ability to walk unaided.(This is coming along and soon there will be a new blog post with videos of progress). This isn’t something I can work towards like all other things on this list, with this its about time.
  2. ◇ A driveable car, for example insured, taxed and tested. I’ve just ordered some new tyres for my little baby so it won’t be long till I’m back in her driving to work and not relying on Taxis which is proving quite expensive.
  3. Overdraft flattened. I’m already in cahoots with the bank. I have a plan. Car =less money on Taxis.
  4. A new car- I really need a new car. However this will not happen in 2017 as I need 1 year no-claims first before even thinking about it and I have only been passed 5 months. I had to cancel my insurance when I broke my leg because I couldn’t afford it (lost my job due to injury). Maybe I could get a new car for xmas 2017. I’m getting away with myself now.
  5. A holiday. I haven’t been on a holiday in years. I really want one. Me and J are having one. Probably between mine and his birthday. May-August. 
  6. ◇ Our own place, due to the problems this leg has brought to mine and my mothers relationship I cannot see a future in my mums home any longer without it seriously damaging our relationship. I love her so much, but I need to love her from afar. We are annoying each other and what I need from her she cannot give me, as she is already consuming energy helping her man-child of a partner. 
  7. ◇Furniture for own place. We have bedroom furniture and we have a few bits for the living room of the gadgetry kind -e.g TV’s and play stations, the only thing we need is a washing machine and a dryer and a large sofa that couples as a bed (for guests). We can make do with the rented cooker for the time being but I’m a fan of integrated cookers and I really don’t wanna spend loads buying a kitchen on a house that isn’t mine. So lets be frugal with the kitchen machinary and save it for somewhere a bit more “forever”

    2017 is gonna be one expensive year however if we work hard we could afford all this.I am not interested in partying and his local is very cheap so we could easily get blotto on 20 quid. Well I could hahaha. Heres to the future. 

    Lets just hope my job becomes permanent in February. 


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