The car from hell

I love my car, seriously I do. ( I say though gritted teeth) but I would love my car more if as soon as I spend any money on it it didn’t need doing again. Over this past month (January- the month renowned for being difficult financially) I have spent just shy of 600 on my car. Woe is me.

January 4th I insured her again and the deposit was over £300.

January 5th I put 4 brand new tires on her at £35 each. The whole bill came to £141 with fitting as well.

January 11th My clutch cable snapped under my feet as I was driving home. I managed to park in a safe space and stop my car before a pick up truck towed me to the garage closest to my house and dropped me off home.

January 12th That bill came to £123 and I picked my car up from the garage and she drove so smooth.

January 15th. My clutch started being a ball ache again and my gears will not flow through. It is very hard to get my car into second gear I literally need to go from 1st to 3rd as second gear is closed off. So tomorrow I have to painstakingly get to work and then drive the fucker 11.8 miles home which is 500 yards away from my garage and get it fixed again.

So fuck that, I am getting a new car on Saturday and will keep you updated when I have it.


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