Can you set yourself Goals

I can’t make goals because my job is only temporary.

Choosing Goals to Achieve

I would like to create a clear outline of what I wanna achieve this year, last year I smashed my main goal to pass my driving test and my secondary goal was to get a job I really like, it happened on the back end of last year with the main catch being that it was temporary and I have had to apply again for the role that I am doing. I have applied and I have heard something back in the tune of “Sorry we’re taking so long with your application” so I sang to the tune of “Can I update you on what I’ve been doing while I’m waiting?” it was a merry sing-song indeed exchanged in email.

Should I pass through to interview stage (fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed) and if I do get the job I will get a bolster in income, taking my hourly rate to an EXTRA £5ph.

Freedom to Create Goals

It gives me googoo eyes thinking of the freedoms that this income will bring to me and I wish to achieve some major goals with it. The added security would also let me chill out a little in terms of planning ahead, my life is on hold at the moment due to the uncertainty of my future within this company, not only do I want to start a life outside of work but I am really excited about the developments within the company and where I could help.
As you can guess I am being pretty vague about where I work and this blog is about lifestyle not really about what I do at work because that would be hella boring no?

How to Create Goals with no Money

How can you make goals when you are a temporary worker? I would really dislike to go back on the phones as being a telephonist is one of the most soul destroying jobs ever. I prefer retail and bar work than telephone customer service. I’ll write a post one day about all the things wrong with call centres but it will be a very long post. If I am unsuccessful in this role and I were to be transferred to another role within the company that isn’t my sector (social media marketing) my CV will look miss-matched like I have given up doing what I want to do and have settled just to be in the company that I am in. Do I want to do that? Should I look for a new job now so I am not left stranded when it comes to decision time. 
The only thing I need to prepare for is future financial commitments and I need to clear debts, overdrafts and credit cards before the post ends in the middle of march. 


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