Frugal February 2017


I first got inspiration to do this when I read a bunch of articles about this woman who bought nothing for a whole year and saved £22k which is amazing, and as impulsiveness is something I need to work on I thought I would steal this trick for a whole month because I am weak and cannot possibly do a full year.

Though her husband was worried that the challenge was too extreme, McGagh leaned into it, biking everywhere, wearing through her clothes and, eventually, when she saw her disposable income grow, she began overpaying her mortgage, which she was thrilled about. ‘I’m grateful to have disposable income to save and feel I should make the most of it – I hope I have encouraged other people to reconsider their spending patterns, too.’

*So this is my Frugal February, now that the all encompassing consumerism that is Christmas has passed and the dreaded skint January has passed I thought I’d try to give myself a little lesson on monetary self control and not buy anything at all for myself this month. I have only one event that I really need to spend for however the items are not for me so I am allowing myself to do this.


Every Valentines day, since last year (so one then? yeah), me and my Uni girlfriends have made a cute little pact to send each other V-cards, this came about because one of the foursome that we are had just split up with her boyfriend and I just couldn’t see her without a card so I offered to send her one and then so did E and R, and it sorta escalated from there really.

Now its a must and we all have different distinct personalities that we can buy for, R absolutely loves the dick and Lambrini, she’s a Geordie so she’s stark raving, E is so glamorous, sexy and addicted to shoes mostly high heels, C is the prink princess and loves Disney and can be a total diva when she wants, and me, well I’m a bit thick haha. I’m the DUH one, the messy unorganised shit-bag who always forgot when her assignments were in and did them the night before. So I get cards knowing what they will like. I introduced these girls to RuPauls drag race and we binged the whole 5 seasons together in our living room, love, no?

Anyways, getting those three loves a card each and buying bf some new work trousers is all that is being spent in February.

What I will/can buy:

Credit Card

That’s it. If it doesn’t fit into that category I’m not getting it. Even food is already accounted for so I haven’t any need to add it to my budget, I get paid weekly as well so I am able to distribute the money accordingly in to multiple bank accounts and be frugal with the petrol as that is the thing that is needed at a moments notice.

Banking Methods

I bank in the style of the piggybank method as championed by Martin Lewis the columnist over at MoneySavingExpert, I have multiple accounts for different things, one account is the main feeder, I have one account for all car related matters such as insurance petrol, finance and tax and another account solely for spending money, that one is obviously not going to be used during this month.

If you would like to join me on Frugal February I would love for you to leave a comment with a link to a blog post on how you are gonna implement into your life. Thanks guys over and out.







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