New Car Vauxhall Adam

Read my previous post about the shit luck that I’ve been having with my Nissan, and then come back and read this because I HAVE A NEW CAR. I’ve wanted a Vauxhall Adam since August last year, the perfect time came when I needed a new car when mine fell to bits and my mum borrowed me hers. Her vehicle was such a smooth drive in comparison to my Micra that I knew I wanted a new car as soon as I drove her Clio.

Since my clutch went I’ve been driving my mums car and she’s been dropped off at work by her partner and then I’ve picked her up, my mum and stepdad could totally go down to a 1 car couple with ease. My mums car was a lot smoother than mine (Nissan), the suspensions was smooth it wasn’t as rattly and the gear box was delicious to change, the smooth motion of the clutch going up and down I knew from then I was driving a bag of shit.


I found the new car on the 18th, paid the deposit by the 20th but didn’t actually manage to drive the car away until the 31st due to it being in a different area, it needed to be delivered and the funds being released to let the car be taken away. As soon as it was ready to be viewed however I wanted to drive it away there and then.

What do I like about it?

  1. It’s smoother than anything I’ve ever driven before, I’ve driven a lot of cars, a micra, a clio, a polo.
  2. It’s gorgeous
  3. The fuel economy is amazing; a full tank is £34. My commute to work is 23 mile there and back, a full tank does me 250 miles.
  4. It’s got a bunch of tech. I can sync my phone up to it and it has apps.
  5. It’s faster (this isn’t so important however its response to gear change is beautiful) it wants to be changed into an higher gear, it feels like a sport.
  6. It starts up soooo easily.
  7. It can drive lower speeds in higher gears making the fuel efficient.
  8. I can moniter how much fuel I am using as I drive, it shows me my mpg.
  9. It has two speedomiters, a digital and analog.
  10. Did I mention it’s pretty?


Easy Transition

For someone that doesn’t know a thing about car maintenance or how to keep car documents organised this was pretty easy for me, when I bought my Micra I didn’t get the log book changed over until 9 months into driving it and then my log book came as I bought my Adam. With the Adam I did all the change over at Evans Halshaw and even though the gentleman who dealt with me was extremely busy and aloof he was surprisingly fast for what I needed. I managed to tax it and get it insured with Vauxhall Free To Go. Vauxhall Free To Go is where you get 5 days free insurance while you change your car over on your insurance provider.


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